Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Show

Friday was Heidi's Christmas show at school. Each age group would be on stage singing a few songs for us while the Kindergartners played the "live nativity scene". Once again I went without any expectations of how Heidi would perform. You never know with this crazy little girl! For a couple of weeks we talked about how we were so excited to watch her sing on stage with her cousins and all her friends. We told her that mommy and daddy would be there, along with Grandma and Pop-Pop and everyone could not wait! Every so often Heidi would start singing little songs and I would ask her if that as one of the songs she was going to sing at school and she would tell me know. Apparently it was all meant to be a surprise.


Heidi did such a great job! I was so proud of her for going on the stage and doing all of her songs and motions. For a moment I did think things were going to go south when she spotted her daddy, but she got into it a little more when she saw him :) They sang Away in a Manger and Ho Ho Ho Hosanna.

As I sit and write this I cannot help but think of what was going on in Connecticut at that very same time. I have been sobbing for days and I am broken hearted. For now that is all I want to touch on the subject. It is not a time to jump on the 2nd Amendment debate or any other debates. Let these families grieve without having to read you harping on what might or might not be the issue of why this happened. There is so much I want to write, but out of respect for the grieving families I want to leave it at that.

For all the precious children whose footprints are forever ingrained in our hearts we still dream our dreams of you until we meet again. ~ Kelly Gerken

Join in a blogger day of silence in rembrance of these precious lives and their grieving families.

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