Thursday, November 29, 2012

Disney on Ice

This week Heidi had to go to the doctor for what we thought was an ear infection. Poor thing had a little cough for a few days and then was complaining about her ear hurting. When we got to the doctor she had a fever of 102.8 and what looked like it was going to start to turn into an ear infection. Luckily we got some medicine for her and were able to stop it before it escalated. We had a big week ahead of us so we needed her to get well!. Heidi and I stayed home together on Wednesday and then we resumed normal activity on Thursday.

Thursday night we had BIG plans! John and I were invited by some friends of ours to go to Disney on Ice! We were so excited and we were also able to bring our niece Georgia along as well. Before the show we ate dinner at Outback downtown and then headed to watch the ice skating. Heidi LOVED it! Georgia, not so much - only because right when we got there some fireworks or something loud went off and she started to cry, but she settled down. Heidi stood in front of me or on my lap and Georgia sat in John's lap. It was hard to get any pictures, but I got like - two :)



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Carly said... cute, glad Heidi and her cousin had fun!!!

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