Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Original Post - May 7, 2012

Today John, Heidi, and I met with Dr. Odom to discuss our case. It is so exciting to finally be putting our plans into action. Nervous too. Dr. Odom went over all of our previous test results as well as some tests I had taken a couple of months ago. We all feel like it is a good time to try for another baby. With Heidi still nursing we have been made aware that this could cause an issue with trying to target ovulation dates, but we are okay with that. The main concern is to first get me cycles back on track to a more "normal" length. Right now they are 35-45 days long and they need to be around 28 days. First step is to start our prenatals, ultra-cal night, and metformin. Not all at once of course, but gradually. Within three weeks I will be on all of them full force.

I am relieved that Dr. Odom is allowing us to proceed even though we are still breastfeeding. It is not the norm, but he is going to let us. I have had such an attitude about this being a road block in expanding our family, but now we have busted through it and can move forward.

Soon- soon-soon!

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