Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Sweet Heidi

Wanted to give an update on my sweet baby girl :) Heidi is a busy little girl lately! We have a new neighbor and they have three little girls - and one is Heidi's age! So excited! Heidi and the little girl are already such great friends. One morning I heard a knocking at our living room window and it was the girls showing Heidi their frog and seeing if Heidi could play. Each night Heidi is able to play with Abbie for about an hour or so before we have to eat dinner and sometimes after dinner. When its time to go both girls get so upset. It seriously takes about 10 minutes to calm Heidi down.
Heidi is a sing-songy little girl. Some of her favorites include: ABC's, Jesus Loves Me, Row-Row, Twinkle-Twinkle, You are my Sunshine, and a number song. We sing all the time. Heidi will constantly hum a little tune and we are always making up silly songs to whatever we are doing.

Heidi might look like her daddy, but she acts just like her mama :) I am not sure how I feel about that.

Each morning and night we go through the same routine in getting ready for the bed or getting ready for night time. Heidi is so sweet about saying her bedtime prayers and always loves to include her Bubba Bear {Hunter}. Heidi kneels beside her bed, folds her hands and bows her little head - absolutely melts your heart. There is a definite progress in sleeping in her bed. John and I still do not mind having her in our bed; Heidi is the best snuggler :) She is so cute crawling up to her pibeow {pillow}.

When anyone takes off their shoes its stinky foot time! John took off his shoes and Heidi said, "Dada's tinky put {foot} - pea-you".

Heidi is great about saying "please", "thank you", "yes mam", "me-me" {excuse me}". The vocabulary this little girl has is amazing! I am amazed at least! She counts to 20 by herself and I was teaching beyond 20 and she was counting right along with me instead of after me. Like a little sponge! I cannot wait for her to start pre-school in the fall. Heidi will love it! Its a 3 day a week program that's about 3 hours a day.

We have finally purchased a new computer, ok, well, actually we did a few weeks ago, but I am off the blogging routine. Hopefully I will get back to my 1-2 posts a week. I hope to keep up while catching up. I have a fantastic trip to blog about - my trip to San Fran/Napa/Somona with the girls! I think I still have to blog about Christmas - good grief...this could take awhile. Please be patient :)

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