Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vacation - Inlet Beach, FL {9.26 - 10.2}

MONDAY: I just slept - the whole night through. Seriously. We are never leaving this place! Okay, so at some point we will have to leave, but for right now - in this moment - I am going to enjoy all the sleep I had last night. Today was a boat day. First, before heading out in the boat, we met up with my mom and Aunt Babs to drop Heidi off for the day. The boat was fantastic. The water was crystal clear. It was amazing. The only unpleasant part were all of the manowar jellyfish floating around in the water. We threw anchor at Crab Island and just hung out and then went to docked at a restaurant where I had the most amazing peel-n-eat shrimp. After the boat we picked Heidi up and went out to the beach for a little to enjoy the sunset. We had delicious tacos for dinner and then Heidi went to bed - only waking once during the night!

TUESDAY: Beach day for Heidi, Kara, and myself! It was the best beach day ever! Heidi had so much fun and I had a workout holding her in the waves. This girl {Heidi} has no fear. The waves were so rough and she was having a blast! I couldn't keep her out of the water. John and Colin went to play golf during the day.

WEDNESDAY: John, Heidi, and I headed to the outlets to do a little shopping. We needed to get a few pair of shoes for Heidi because her foot has grown 2 sizes in a week. Crazy! It turned out to be such a rainy day that I was glad we went shopping. I was also glad the weather was nasty because that meant we did not waste a beach day. We ate lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise. At night we went to Pier Park and had dinner at Back Porch. After dinner we just walked around. Did I mention it was Thunder Beach during the week we were there? Bikes - EVERYWHERE! It was entertaining to watch. We also stopped by the Candy Store where a friend/family member works and Heidi loaded Colin up with goodies :)

THURSDAY: Beach day!! We all went to beach and played, built sandcastles, chase birds, and got in the water. We had fish that Kara fixed for all of us for dinner! Yum!

FRIDAY: Beach day and then we dropped Heidi off with my mom and Aunt Babs and cousin Max to spend the night at their house. The four of us headed to Ebro to the poker room and played cards!

SATURDAY: First thing the morning we went to pick Heidi up and then we just hung out in the condo. Kara and Colin left in the morning, but we were staying one more night. It was a little chilly during the day so we opted not to go to the beach. Later Brad, Rebekah, Gavin, and Grace came and stopped by because they were taking a long weekend trip to Destin. We all headed to Pier Park for dinner at Reggie J's Bar and Grill and then walked around the park. Once again it was a great people watching time with all the biker groups around.

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