Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh Birthday...

A couple of days ago it was my birthday. Usually, like every other birthday in my life, I would be so excited. Countdowns in place. EVERYONE would know my birthday was approaching. This year is different. I turned 30 and its a number I have been dreading. As usual I have put such high expectations on myself and what I should have accomplished by this dreadful age. Everyone in their 30s say that "its the best age yet" and of course they have to say that - they are in their 30s and want to feel better about being that age - ha! I have pretty much always had a "plan" or direction for my life; what I wanted to do or accomplish in life. I really never pictured a life at 30. For some reason all my major life accomplishments and events were to all happen in my 20s.

Anyways, I was pretty much a big pile of doom all day. Heidi spent the night before at my parents' house because I taught dance that night {which, the girls celebrated my birthday after class - they were so sweet!} and John had to close. So, I woke up alone in my house because John had to open the morning of my birthday. I went to work and worked {nice, right?} and I had intended on waking up early to visit 2 friends that had babies and were in the hospital, but I woke up too late to do that.

I got to work - and almost got hit by a truck. Yeah, nice, right? I was walking and the truck almost backed me over. I wanted to try and get out by 3, but other plans happened. I needed to pick Heidi up and somehow still make it to the hospital and then make it to the birthday dinner by 6. Well, I ended up not leaving until 4:30ish and decided that my parents would bring Heidi to the dinner {which did not suit well for my boobs because Heidi had not nursed in over 36 hours} so that I could stop and see at least one of my friends at the hospital. Visited her and then headed to Bonefish for dinner.

Dinner was great - friends and family - lots of laughter and fun! There was also, probably my most favorite moment, of the whole night. Heidi is always so cuddly and loving and we were able to capture some sweet moments with her and her cousins. Every since this night I have seen her interact like so sweetly with other children as well. I love it!

Cupcakes from GiGi's Cupcakes :) Ginormous!

Heidi loving on her cousin Emily

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tomandcheryl said...

I rarely post to you because I feel like you don't know me but I had to post on this entry.
I hate the 30's. I am 33 and I keep hoping each year in this decade will get hasn't. With the exception of my kids of course. They are getting cooler and more fun every day/year. But really there is nothing special about the 3rd decade of life.
Here's hoping yours is better.....
Sorry for the doom and gloom. It's too early I guess and I need more coffee.

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