Sunday, June 5, 2011

SSI Wedding

On Saturday I dropped little Heidster off at church with my parents to stay the night while I headed to SSI for a beach wedding. The wedding was beautiful! Seriously. I love outdoor beach weddings. The couple were friends of John and I from Valdosta and were both in our fraternity/sorority - so it was basically a wonderful mini-VSU reunion :) SO much fun! I will admit that I am becoming slack on taking pictures that do not involve Heidi {although my picture taking in general has become lax} so I didn't take my normal amount of pictures. I did, however, take some video footage to make a little DVD for the couple. Maybe I will finally learn how to work out video editing software - maybe.

Sean - the groom

The beautiful bride Lindsay

The Strobles

Alex and Keith

Brooke and Maggie


Andrea, Jenni, and Lindsey
Sunday I went to pick up Heidi and then met John for lunch. From there he left to go to Atlanta for the week - not to return until the following Sunday. Work and pleasure :) Heidi and I went home and took naps and then headed to the pool! We will definitely be spending a lot of time out in the pool or on walks this summer. Miss Priss loves to be outside and loves the water!

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