Thursday, May 12, 2011

This and That

Things are busy - and I really do not even have time to post, so its going to be more of a list. Here goes!

- I still need to post about our FUN trip to Puerto Rico!
- I didn't die and there was not anything horrible that happened while we were on the way, there, or on the way home from PR.
- I want to post on my thoughts about Osama Bin Laden...
- I have had some nasty little stomach bug. Not much of an appetite either. I think I ate too much fiber one day...
- Because I have been having the issues mentioned above googling everything in the world to find out what might be causing my uncomfortablness/nausua.
- Heidi is being shy about walking. She will take 5-6 steps and then laugh and grab something.
- I am starting to train for a marathon! (maybe) (if I can start feeling better!)
- I am super pumped that Derek and Meredith finally made their marriage official.
- My dances are almost complete for the teen jazz recital performances!
- Heidi is LOVING her water babies/swim lessons! Seriously.
- It is already hot- Hot - HOT!

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