Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mini-Reunion / Berry Picking

This weekend was full of many activities! Friday night was a mini-reunion of old friends. Heather was in town visiting and the four of us ladies and our kiddos/hubbys/boyfriends got together! I have know these three ladies for as long as I can remember. Heather, Kaleigh, and I were in kindergarten together! One of my very first memories is from when Kaleigh cut herself with scissors in class. We were also all in Girl Scouts and softball! Shannon has two boys and Kaleigh has four boys. Heidi was the only little girl (besides Heather's niece) there. She had a great time carrying around a water gun.

Heidi decided that she no longer wanted to have her burger cut into little pieces for her...

Saturday I was asked to baby-sit this little guy. For anyone that knows me we all know that babysitting is not something I do. It scares me to death to have someone else's child in my care. A co-worker needed help so that he could work and I was pretty much his last option. I wanted to make sure and have activities that kept us busy, so we went strawberry and blackberry picking. Next we went to my sister's house to go swimming and eat lunch.

I was really nervous because of the situation I was being put in. The little boy is 2 and was born the end of March 2009 - his due date was the day after Hudson's due date. So I was nervous because it might make me feel like "what life could have been". Luckily it did not feel that way. I guess because Hudson would have been so different from this little guy. Not better or worse, but just different. We would have had different jokes and other things to talk about. So all in all it was a good day.

We were supposed to go to the Miami area for Carlos and Glori's wedding, but due to us being gone for a week to Puerto Rico we were not able to go. It was sad to miss the wedding, but I know it was a beautiful day for them!

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