Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Weekend

This was a very nice long weekend! I love having extra snuggle time with my little bunny :) I has discovered some amazing things over the last few days. The most important one being that I can accomplish so much if I do not nap with Heidi. I did miss my naps, BUT I was able to clean, do laundry, and bake some bread all on Saturday while she took her almost 3 hour nap. We had a busy day that morning - breakfast, morning walk with Hunter, playtime, pool time, nap time, bread making, more playtime, bath time, evening walk with the neighbor, and then bedtime. Heidi was a pooped little girl! Sunday we had basically the same routine except we made cookies instead of bread and we went to John's work party instead of the evening walk. The party was held at a little "family fun" center - a place with go-karts, putt-putt, paintball, arcade games, etc. Heidi loved to watch the go-karts zooming around the track! We stayed and watch daddy win at putt-putt and then headed home to bed.
Monday {our extra day - THANK YOU to all of our soldiers - past, present, and no longer with us for serving our country} we went over to Bonnie and Alan's house with a few other members of our small group for a little cookout. Heidi enjoyed walking around everywhere, playing with the cats and dog and trying to step into the fish pond :) Earlier in the day we went on a morning walk and then tried to take a nap, but went to the pool instead, and then came home to take a nap! So, not sure how many of you have experienced this, but I did after having both of my children. I lost a ton of my hair {typical} and then the new growth appeared. It came in the exact same area both times. I have all of these short hairs and they are uncontrollable. I finally conquered them for straight hair days, but I have been going curly lately - might even stay curly for awhile - and they are annoying!! Sometimes they look like a have a big spiky cowlick.

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