Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Bucket List

There are so many things I want to do, learn and experience. Every time I see something really neat I say, "I want to do that!!" Usually its wacky and unrealistic, but who knows! It could happen. SO, I have made a list. I do not have a deadline, but I want to try and do as many things as I can on my list. Of course I can add to it as much as I would like and I will re-publish it when I add things or complete a task. Hopefully I will be able to take a picture of each thing I complete and write a little blog post about it! The list is in no particular order! I know there are some items I might not get to do, but I should at least make an effort, right? John, if you are reading this don't be the "DC" as I lovingly nicknamed you the other night :) Love you!

The List:
1. Run a 10k
2. Get 100 photographs printed (0/100)
3. Go to a shooting range.
4. Learn a new craft
5. Run a half marathon
6. Run a marathon
7. Take my mom on a trip
8. Do a Time Lapse Photography project
9. Watch the sun set & rise from the same spot in the same day.
10. Watch a meteor shower
11. Compete in a triathlon
12. Learn to surf
13. Learn conversational Spanish
14. Learn sign language
15. Learn to play the piano – again.
16. Learn some basic ballroom dancing – Salsa, Waltz, Cha-Cha
17. Ride in a hot air balloon
18. Travel by train somewhere with someone - again
19. Go to a state I haven’t gone to yet
20. Go scuba diving
21. Take a canopy tour
22. Break a Guinness World Record
23. Visit all 50 states (18?/50) not just the airport!
24. Visit all 7 continents (2/7)
25. Solve the Rubik’s Cube
26. Make a list of 100 books to read and read them (0/100)
27. Go to graduate school
28. Be an extra in a film.
29. Own a beach or mountain house.
30. Mush a dog sled
31. Watch turtle hatch and run for the ocean
32. Volunteer (0/12)
33. Go on a picnic
34. Swim with the dolphins
35. Go whale-watching
36. Go on a safari
37. Ride a camel
38. See a play on Broadway
39. Attend an Olympic event
40. Attend the Kentucky Derby and wear a cute hat.
41. Become up to date with my scrapbooks
42. Document all things on the list by blog/photo/both.
43. Learn boxing
44. Travel across country
45. Take a basic self-defense class.
46. Do a polar bear swim
47. Ride a mechanical Bull
48. Ride an elephant
49. Eat a hot dog from an NYC street cart.
50. Be on the Amazing Race
51. Pick apples
52. Try a unicycle
53. Be a stay at home mom.

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Caroline said...

I like your list !!!

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