Monday, January 10, 2011

Follow or not

Today I thought - "hmm..I need to write a blog post today - about something, anything". It seems as if whenever I have a chance to write I never have anything in my head, but when I have everything in my head I never have a chance to write! So I went onto the Blog Frog to see if there were any fun "blog hops" to link up to with great ideas on blog posts. Every single hop was about trying to get more followers. It kind of makes me wonder why people are always wanting more followers. Sure its pretty fun to see a group of people that read what you have to say, but if your blog was a truly interesting blog wouldn't that create a following for you in itself? I guess not and maybe that's why people post their blogs onto hops in order to have people visit over to their blogs. I'm sure its great to have such a large following out there, but really I think I would definitely fail miserably with feeling like I continually needed to write something or do something cool and creative to keep my audience happy. I like my little circle of readers and friends I have now :)

Its so crazy how many different, yet similar, blogs there are out there. It made me think about when I really became involved in blogging. For awhile I blogged and no one even knew I had one and then, after Hudson, is when I publicized my blog. It was so much easier to write how I was feeling rather than talk about it. Of course, like most personal/family blogs, mine has transformed back into what it originally started out as - a family journal and way for out of town family to see what we're up to. It always has been that, but I guess at some point it turned into something more and something with more substance.


tomandcheryl said...

I totally agree with you. I think it's cool when someone "new" starts following my blog but it's usually just a friend who didn't know how to follow before. haha! I started my blog after my son was born prematurely (not very early, 35 weeks) and we got tired of 15 people calling us to see what his appointments said and what was going on. So I said, just check the blog and that will have all the info. I was in a bad place (traumatic delivery and post partum) so honestly I was tired of talking to everyone. We live 600 miles from all our family so it was easier for them to keep up with our little family this way. And now they get to read about everything we do and see a handful of pictures.
Works for us and it seems to work for you.
More pictures of Heidi please! She is adorable!

Holly said...

I know I dont care about who follows and who doesn't. One blog is for my grief journey and another is for my family! I've kinda gotten away from those hops. I'll do a meme here and there like Wed Walk down memory lane.

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