Sunday, January 16, 2011

7 months

Heidi - today you are 7 months old!!
  • You are at almost 20 lbs and 25" long! I cannot believe how you are "so big", but yet you still look so little compared to other babies.

  • Currently you are wearing 6-9 and 6-12 month clothes. Most of your 9 or 12 month pants are still too long for you.
  • Sleeping is not a pleasant experience right now. You were doing so well and lately you do not want to sleep away from mama.
  • Remember when I was worried you would never take a pacifier? Well no more - you love it and it is so funny when you see it! When we are holding it you will snatch it out of our hands. If we have the back end in our mouth you think its so funny and you imitate the scene from Lady and the Tramp.
  • Diapers are a size 3.
  • I cannot figure out if its the car seat you hate or its the being away from mommy that makes you scream. Sometimes you are fine, but the other times you scream your head off when you are in the car.
  • Still sitting in the big people church and not at nursery. I am not sure when that will happen, but I imagine it might happen soon with you wanting to be mobile and all your squirming and babbling you are doing.
  • You are still nursing and eating a couple of solid food meals a day. Its bad to say, but it is so much easier just to feed you your milk and sometimes I do not think about other food. We have been letting you eat more bananas and apples and I think someone snuck you some ham the other day...
  • You are such a happy baby - always smiling and laughing! Of course we (I) have a camera in your face so often you have naturally become accustomed to smiling when a camera is put in front of your face. That becomes a little tricky when I want to video you doing something :)
  • You are officially crawling!! You have been crawling a lot lately, but I think after the past few days we can consider you an official crawler.
  • We have so may toys for you, but you always go straight for the tag to chew on!
  • Not only are you crawling, but you are pulling up on everything. No longer can we set you down and let you play because the moment we turn back around now you are somewhere else pulling up on something! Its not that we don't like you pulling up, but sometimes you forget you still need to hold on to things when you stand yourself up.


Tiffany said...

She is sooo adorable! I love how you documented everything Heidi has been doing like a virtual scrapbook! It makes it easier if you ever did do a paper scrapbook, you'll have everything you need to know right there. :)

Jenn said...

She is getting so big! I can't believe she's 7 months old! :) I think she's starting to look more like a mixture of you and John instead of just John! Maybe one of these days I'll get to meet her!

Carly said...

She is so cute!

Cort said...

she is just so adorable! so many milestones! God is so good, isn't he?

Holly said...

She's growing so much! Wow! What a little beauty :)

Ruth said...

Heidi is so adorable! Thanks for giving the 7-month update. Ingrid is also 20lbs, though she sure isn't crawling yet! She is much more content to roll around or just sit and play. She is not sleeping so well either, and so our favourite way to sleep is face to face, with her arm around my neck, playing with my hair. The good night's sleep will come later, I guess!

Cecilia said...

She's a cutie, I especially love the foot pic!

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