Saturday, December 25, 2010


The Henninger family had a wonderful Christmas celebration! On Christmas Eve we went to church with my side of the family and then to my sister's house to eat dinner. After dinner John, Heidi, and I went home to go to bed so we could wake up for Christmas morning!

When morning came we ate a french toast casserole and let Heidi open up her presents from us, her Gamma and Paw-Paw Henninger, Uncle Tres, Aunt Tina, and Olivia and Santa! Heidi is so very blessed to have family that loves her so much and to give her such wonderful presents at Christmas (and all!!) time. John and I do want to make sure that we keep Heidi in touch with more of the giving side of Christmas and not wrapped up in the getting part of Christmas. We have decided that we are not going to be ones that fill an entire room with gifts just for Heidi. When Heidi is older we plan on doing things for other families as ways to show her how much more rewarding giving can be and feel. This year, of course, Heidi was more into the wrapping paper than anything else :) She loved to eat it!

Later in the day my parents came over to eat lunch and then we let Heidi open up her gifts from Grandma and Pop-Pop Kirkland. Today we really started to notice how Heidi is such a big girl. She "big girl plays" as we like to call it. We can sit her down with her new toys and she will sit there and entertain herself. She's growing up so much! At some point in the afternoon we all ended up taking naps. I didn't know everyone else had until I woke up after I went and laid down with Heidi. Knowing they all napped did not make me feel quite as bad for falling asleep :) Next my sister and her family came over for more present opening. Hugh, Emily, and Georgia all opened their presents and so did us "big kids". Heidi opened up her present from them as well. We ended the night by playing Buzz Word and then after everyone left we relaxed and headed to bed! OH - Heidi now likes to pull herself up. She will pull up on everything! The only thing is she doesn't think she needs to keep holding on after she's standing so we have to watch her carefully!!

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Caroline said...

So cute and it does look like lots of fun. Merry Christmas !!

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