Friday, October 15, 2010


Each day we take one day out of the year to remind you to "remember" our sweet and precious angels. To some its just one day, but to use its never just one day. We remember and think about our little ones that have left sooner than we wanted each and every day. Maybe some of you think of the day you gave birth to your little one. I know I sit and reflect on the night Hudson was born many times. I also sit and think about other mothers who were giving birth on the same day. How their story was so much different than mine. I was reading through some blogs and found one little girl born still this past June 16th. I think about how much pain that mother was going through on a day when I was having one of my most happiest moments. How strange that we all live in this world and we are all living life, but having so many different things happen at the exact same time. I start to imagine myself during the birth of Heidi as I pushed and whimpered that it was hurting and then heard the most joyous sound to my ears. Then I sit and think about the woman giving birth, maybe at the same exact time, and only hearing the silence. It only reaffirms even more how much of a blessing Heidi is and how much God has blessed our family.


croleyc69 said...

Beautiful post.


Holly said...

Yeah, if you sit and think about it there are families who don't get such a happy ending when you're getting the happy one. And we can certainly attest to both and recognize just how blessed we are.

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