Sunday, September 5, 2010

Grace Turns 1

This weekend Heidi and I headed to her cousin Grace's first birthday party! We stayed at Grace's house with Heidi's Uncle Brad, Aunt Rebekah, Cousins Gavin & Grace - and also Aunt Rebecca and Uncle David that came into town as well! Heidi got to have play time with all her aunts, uncles, cousins and her Grandma & Grandpa Henninger!

We arrived on Saturday afternoon - it took us a little longer than usual because we had a few stops for diaper changes and feedings. Once we arrived the party was just about to begin. Heidi enjoyed meeting all the new people and hanging out with our family. We ate BBQ sandwiches and then while Grace was opening her presents Heidi decided it was her turn to eat also! During the party Heidi became very tired so she laid down in Grace's crib for a little while - actually until Grace had to go to bed and I then transferred her to the pack-n-play. While Heidi slept we enjoyed delicious cake and ice cream! I couldn't believe how early she went to bed - around 7PM. Usually its between 8-9.The next morning we enjoyed yummy cheesecake muffins for breakfast and had some more family time. Before leaving we headed to Red Robin for lunch and then Heidi attempted to take a nap, but it wasn't happening so we left in hopes she would nap in the car on the way home. It took about an hour, but she finally went to sleep for most of the trip.

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