Monday, August 2, 2010

First Day Back

UGH - its was the first day back "to the grind" as they say. Maternity leave is such a cruel joke. In all honesty insurance should pay mothers to stay at home for a year; to encourage breastfeeding. I can see why so many women end up giving it up (if they didn't already within the first couple weeks because it hurt!). It really is such a pain to go back and forth to pump, especially when you aren't in a closed area. Regardless I will continue to pump because (1) it is so good for Heidi (2) 20 calories burnt by me per ounce pumped - ha! (3) formula is so expensive! I have found that breastfeeding is very convenient when you are out and about with the little one and its one less thing I have to remember to pack when going somewhere. The only thing is pumping at work can be annoying.

I woke up this morning to go to my first day back. First stop was to my mom's house to drop off Heidi. I guess my situation is the least of all evils. My job is flexible and I am able to come and go if needed. During lunch I went to feed her and then picked her up and fed her after work. It adds so much more to my day - an extra 2 and half hours in going and coming home. We are very fortunate to be able to have family so close by in order to help with Heidi. Daycare would not be an option in our budget right now; not with the plans we are making and goals we are trying to achieve.

The whole day at work was so strange. I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. I am sure Heidi felt the same way. It was the first time we had ever been a part - ever. It is sad to think of missing out on the daily activities of her life and you wonder if you will no longer be her "favorite". When I have time I am sure I will reflect more on the "working mommy".


JamieW said...

Get this book to read during "pump-time":
Great read!

croleyc69 said...

I like your idea Mom's should get paid to stay home the first year. I always disliked leaving them too.


Jules said...

You will always be her favorite! Glad you have your mom nearby. The next best thing to you or dad is grandma :)

Holly said...

I'm all for your idea! Maternity leave sucks so bad in this country. Pumping at work definitely takes time and effort to keep up the supply. When my supply was getting low eating oatmeal helped give me a little boost. (steel cut oats work best!)

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