Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Project 365 - Day 165

Today I went over to my grandmother's house to help clean in order to prepare it for the market. Its still such a strange feeling walking down to her house from my parents. A trip that was taken so often and apparently often taken for granted. I grew up with my grandmother only about 100 steps away. So many others have to travel long distances to visit their grandparents, but not me. It was odd to be in her house going through all of her belongings (which, by the way, has made me completely want to purge all of my "junk") and seeing all of her personal items. Grandmother had so much stuff and I never even knew it. Drawers were crammed full of clothes I had never even seen her wear.

My sister was mainly going through everything - I helped a little, but kept walking back and forth to my parent's house to feed Heidi. During one of Heidi's feedings she threw up all over me. Of course it was the one time I did not have extra clothes with me. I had to rummage through my mom's clothes to find something - anything to wear. After my wardrobe change I had a little fun adding accessories to my outfit a taken by Vicki.

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