Friday, July 16, 2010

Heidi - 1 Month

Heidi - today you are 1 month old! Can you believe it? I know I certainly can't! You are already becoming such a big girl so fast. Currently you are still wearing Newborn/0-3 month clothes and you are about to grow out of your newborn size diapers, well, actually you have grown out of them. You're growing in size faster than I thought possible. It probably has a lot to do with you wanting to nurse so much. You have such a passion for eating already :) I really think its one of your most favorite things to do.
You are staying awake more often and I get to enjoy looking at those beautiful blue (for now) eyes. We have such fun hanging out at home! I am not looking forward to going to back work because I want to spend every second with you. Maybe your Uncle Hubert will let me bring you to work on the days when daddy cannot watch you. Your grandma will be watching you if not - and you will love spending time with her. I will be very jealous :( Secretly I hope you will still not take a bottle when the time comes so that I will have a really good excuse as to why you need to come to work with me.
You are still sleeping in the room with mom and dad, but we are working on getting you set up to go in your crib. I have been trying to finish setting up your nursery with the final finishing touches. You have had so many visitors already this month - and we tried to get pictures of all of them holding you. Many have complimented on how you are such a good baby; and you are! Of course you still have your moments when you cry, but we have learned (or we think we have!) your signals to know what you want. You really are a great traveler, but you do not like being confined to your car seat all day. You make all kinds of noises - and we have animal nicknames for all of them. You usually make little puppy dog sounds, sometimes when you are screaming you sound like a duck (we could sell the noise to the duck hunter call things), or a cat having its tail run over. While you eat you love to rub your feet all on my arm. After you have eaten you pull your arms up by your ears and stretch out your back with an arch of content. When sleeping you like for your feet to be on me and sometimes you like to make sure you are facing me.
You have already had so many firsts this month!
Your first car ride 6/18/10
Your first Father's day - 6/20/10
Your first 4th of July!

First time at a sit down restaurant - Tubby's on Riverstreet

First mommy/daughter shopping trip!

First celebration of daddy's birthday!

First time in a hotel!

First wedding

You also had your first - bath, lunch with the girls, photo session, and going to Grandma/Pop-Pop's house in Savannah.


croleyc69 said...

She is so beautiful. Enjoy all those precious moments cause they go by so very fast.

Happy 1 month Heidi !!


Stacy D said...

She is so beautiful!! Happy 1 month birthday, Heidi!!

Holly said...

I can't believe it's been a month already!!

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