Friday, July 30, 2010

1st Time Swimming

Heidi went swimming! I do not want to take her out during the day because of the sun so we have not been swimming yet, but today we were able to go! Heidi's little swimsuit was a gift from one of my sweet sorority sisters, Whitney. It was almost 7PM and the pool was like bath water. Heidi loves taking baths so it was perfect for her! I think she almost fell asleep! Hunter joined in the fun as well, of course. He loves to swim, he really does. As for me I love to swim, but I this is my first time in the pool since May and yes I am aware that I am ghostly pale. Seriously, I have never been this pale before in my life. I really need to work on getting some color to my skin before my high school reunion in a couple of weeks. I was that girl that lived in a tanning bed and on the beach or pool back then.


Stephanie said...

That looks very therapeutic and relaxing.

Holly said...

A great first swim :) I love when the water is warm like that.

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