Sunday, June 20, 2010


Heidi has only been here for 4 days and I am already a changed person. Here is a small list of what has changed so far:

- I am asking for help! I asked my sister and mom to come and help me set up the nursery and help with baby things around the house. They have been fantastic and I couldn't ask for a better mom or sister. They have truly been such a blessing in my life. If you recall I had still not set up a nursery (the furniture arrived the same day as Heidi!) and I still had not cut tags or opened items. So as you can imagine there was a lot to do! My mom has been staying at the house the past couple of nights which is fantastic. I love having her here to help. She has so much experience that she is my new library :) I know she loves being around Heidi too, so that is a plus!

- I am asking for advice and asking questions about what is what. From breastfeeding to is all so foreign to me. Luckily I have so many great resources (family & friends) that are there when I need them! From late night texts saying I stink at parenthood to calls about screaming babies - they are there for me! If you recall an earlier post about how I was frustrated about advice and all of that...amazing how now it really all helps me to hear it! I think it was more that I hated hearing the advice because Heidi was not here yet and I didn't want to listen to advice I possibly might not need.

- I am relaxed. Well, sort of, my body is sore from being so tense about whether or not she is breathing, eating. sleeping, etc. Hmm...I guess also sore from giving birth in general! I am relaxed though, she's here - I can breath. No more worry that my body isn't going to work right or that something will happen that I can't see in time to fix. I know there are still so many things that can happen to a child outside the womb, but having her here really helps me.

- I care about poop and I change dirty diapers. That's right me and poop. I had never changed a diaper until Heidi came along. John had not either - we're getting better! She was pooping up a storm at the hospital and then stopped when we got home. She has had more wet diapers here which was a change. Friday was the last time she pooped until tonight! BG pooped twice! It was wonderful! I have been so worried (tensing my body) since Friday about her not pooping. My milk has come in (oh engorgement how I did not miss you) and I guess its a change that takes place and it is all perfectly normal. She had a small poopie one this early evening and then a nice smelly one tonight. My mom took a whiff and said, "oh it smells". I could not smell it! Its true about your own child's poop! Which is a relief because I have quite possibly the weakest stomach ever. So, John and I changed her diaper and then she started peeing! We could not stop laughing.

Amazing how one little 8 pound girl can already have such an effect on me. I can't believe that its me not worrying and being upset about things not done. I guess I should not be too surprised though because look how much a 3 pound boy changed me last year....


Malory said...

So happy for you!

Paige said...

pictures please!!!! (not of the poop, but just of heidi!!) i alwasys but callyn's clean diaper under the old one before changing, then you just slip the dirty one right off and no messes!!!

Tiffany said...

I wouldn't worry to much about the poop. Especially if you're breast feeding, it takes more calories from it to make a BM. If she is wet, then she's doing good. Sounds like you're in high spirits and you're surrounded by great help.
Enjoy your little miracle. She is precious.

Whitney said...

So glad you're doing okay! Poop and all!

Holly said...

Glad your mom is staying with you. It's nice to have that extra help! And yeah, you care more about poop than you thought you ever could! lol

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