Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mixed Emotion Weekend

This weekend was full of happy and sad moments. Friday morning we started the day off by going to Michael's craft store to purchase a new spring bouquet for Hudson's grave. The place where he is buried is where my grandmother was buried also. Along with a new "springy" arrangement we bought a little yard art - a cute little frog - to put next to the grave as well. We arrived at the grave site before anyone else and were able to fix Hudson's grave up before everyone arrived - everyone including my grandmother.

The funeral was spectacular - have you ever heard someone describe a funeral with that adjective? My Uncle Phil (my mom's brother) performed the service. This was his first service and he did such an amazing job. He talked about the legacy she left with her family - through all of us. I couldn't help but thinking how true that is. How someone dies, but you always have a continuation of that person left on Earth. BG is the continuation of Hudson. Both of them are a continuation of my grandmother and I hope that I am able to instill in the the values of family that my grandmother gave to me.

After the funeral we went to my sister's house for lunch prepared by my parent's small group. I think I have mentioned before food and bringing food at moments in life like what happened is a huge southern tradition. We love our comfort food in the south :) It was nice to be able to spend time with family while at the lunch.

Next John and I headed home to take a much needed nap. Hunter jumped right in the bed with us. The nap was great, short, but great. We got ready in about 10 minutes for the rehearsal dinner and headed to first pick up John's tux and then headed to the Davenport House. The wedding party had to rehearse in the square outside of the house because tours were still going on in the museum. I found a bench next to some strangers and had a nice chat with them. I told them BG's name and they really liked it. John was making fun of me and how I always end up talking with strangers where ever I go. I don't do it on I just supposed to ignore people? NO. Next we headed to the rehearsal and then stopped by the Relay for Life so John could sign in for Best Buy.

Saturday morning I had to go into work for a little to do payroll and then I came home to prop up my feet and relax a little. My mom , Aunt Babs, Great-Aunt Becky, and Great-Uncle John came over for a little bit and then John and I had to get ready for the wedding. We headed to the Davenport House where I started taking pictures and John started getting ready. The wedding was pretty and I managed to not go into labor after standing on my feet for such a long time for the whole weekend in the hot sun :) We went home after the wedding and completely crashed.
The Davenport House
John looking dapper in his tux
The Henninger Family
Mr. & Mrs. Christie
I was put in time out - for reasons I will not divulge
John and the groom Ray
Sunday I literally sat around trying to rest up before another busy week and weekend ahead. I had a meeting for dance and got the rehearsal schedule - only a couple more weeks until the recital!! No, I am not dancing, just teaching and helping :)

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Holly said...

lol I would hope that you're not dancing at the recital! :)

I certainly think a funeral can be an amazing experience. The pastor who spoke at Anth's gpa's funeral did a really great job and I enjoyed his message.

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