Wednesday, May 5, 2010

32 Weeks (&1 day) Update

How Far Along?: 32 weeks and 1 day

Total Weight Gain?: 24lbs.

Maternity Clothes?: Yes :)

Sleep?: Yeah - I am such a night owl. I really need to start going to bed earlier though...I wake up so hot, but its partly because we're too cheap to turn our A/C too high and John gets cold :) Good thing I am cold natured because I don't think I would make it...

Best Moment This Month?: Seeing BG today!

Movement?: Oh yes - she is moving and grooving. I feel the jabs of those heels quite often.

Body Changes/Labor Signs?: Contractions, but not frequent enough to be a concern.

Belly Button In/Out?: It really depends on where she is hanging out at the time.
What I miss: Common courtesy from people. The other day I was asked how many I was carrying.

What I am Looking Forward to: BG being here and celebrating her first holiday - July 4th!
Today we had our 32 week appointment and ultrasound! Our first stop was to the ultrasound room where we were able to see little BG for the first time since our 18 week anatomy scan. She has been growing! Today she came in at 4lbs. 13ozs. - yep just about 5lbs. If you calculate that quickly, and if I go full term, I would be having a 9lbs. baby. That is if she gains the average 1/2 a lbs a week. Just said that she didn't think she would gain that much.
Everything on the ultrasound looked great! BG is going to look just like her dad. We saw her nose and mouth perfectly - and they look just like John's. I am a little sad she will not look like me - I thought my genes were strong!! She did have a head full of hair (which she does get from me) and I am hoping that she will end up having curly hair and blue eyes like her mama.

While we were watching her she appeared to be eating something - according to the technician. BG kept sticking her tongue out. I guess she was enjoying the wheat chex I had for breakfast or the triscuits I had as a snack. Either way she was eating like a champ! We saw that she was breathing well and all of her other little parts in there are doing just fine.

Next we sat on the monitor for a non-stress test for about 20 minutes. Next we went into a regular room with our NP Judy. I have gained 5lbs more and my B/P was 108/78. We will now have weekly appointments with non-stress tests each week and and ultrasound every other week. I think this will help with anxiety and my desire for induction. I truly would like for her to just come when she is ready and I would prefer not to be induced, but we will just have to monitor my anxiety and go from that - as well as how BG grows!

I wonder if I am going to have permanent bruises...

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Tiffany said...

Glad to hear that everything is going well. Sounds like BG is doing wonderfully. How cute that she was eating and you got to see it on the ultrasound.

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