Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Project 365 - Day 66

John made a little list of projects to complete in the next few days/weeks. On his list he is tackling painting our bathroom. As you may recall he painted the guest room awhile back - the ahem, wrong color. So, when I left I was a little worried history might repeat itself. Later in the afternoon I received a call from John and he was not a happy camper with his painting experience or work. I was no longer nervous about the color being right, but about our walls being in one piece....

The walls were in one piece and really the painting looked great! Apparently it dried better than he expected. Tonight I found his "list" and started laughing so hard it brought on a contraction.


Ruth said...

Now that's commitment to the cause. Good thing that things turned out well with the paint this time! :)

Toni C said...

LOL! I love how there are question marks next to painting the guest bedroom, too! Poor John!

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