Monday, April 12, 2010

Project 365 - Day 58

I was strolling around the dealership today (because I need to walk to maintain the weight, I was tired of sitting at the desk, & because of the fantastic insulin resistance) and look what I found. A delightful 1 lbs bag of pretzels. I should have taken them, scarfed them down, and left them with a few measly little crumbs like whomever ate my triscuits - oh and by the way, someone also ate ALL of my cheese!! The did leave me with an empty wrapper to throw away, nice right? I decided against using "an eye for an eye" mentality and left the pretzels to their rightful owner. Lucky for them I was not hungry at the time.
Speaking of food - I am kind of becoming addicted to the glucose testing monitor. It is a game to me - yes, I am a loser and I like to compete with myself and scores. I like to eat different varieties and "push the limits" in testing my levels. I will tell you that a hard boiled egg, wheat toast, grapes, and a glass of milk will give you a 2 hour fasting score of 83, but a McDonald's double cheeseburger, french fries, sprite, and swiss cake roll will give you a 2 hour fasting score of 129. I went to McDonald's out of desperation one night. Have I mentioned that I used to be a marketing coordinator for McDonald's? Yeah, I was, but I guess its a good thing I no longer work there since their food is not in my best interest. At least plenty of other Americans will help build my stock that I own :)


Holly said...

I hate it when people steal your food! I had someone steal my cheese at work! A whole bag! And it was expensive cheese too!

Heather M said...

That bag looks empty...

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