Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Weekend

It seems like I was so busy this weekend, yet as I sit to write about it I have nothing to say...oh, but before I go into the weekend recap I did have something happen on Friday. I got a call from the dr's office and I failed the GD test. I seriously cannot believe I failed. The cut-off is 140 and I had a 144. Thursday I have to take the 3 hour test - great, joy, fun. I am blaming it on the Girl Scout cookies. It is scary though to know that this whole process is part of my issue and to know that I am having an issue now is even worse...

Friday I worked and then went to a Father-Daughter banquet our church hosted with my dad and sister. Vicki and knew it was for a younger crowd of girls, but our parents were insistent - so we went. They had a 20's theme and we were served pasta - and a delicious cupcake. This same night was the Shamrock March of Dimes 5K, but John went to represent the Henninger clan for the race. Last year we wore stickers in remembrance of Hudson - so John passed some out to friends of his.

Vicki, Dad, and I

Saturday I woke up (attempted to sleep in) and went to a consignment sale that is put on twice a year. I picked up some amazing bargains - 11 outfits for only $34! Saturday was the 1/2 off sale day, so it was fantastic! After the sale I went to April's little girl's 1st birthday party and had a great time. The theme was "Princess" and Ashlynn looked adorable! Next I went to my parent's house and visited with my mom for a little while - my dad was at the hospital with my grandmother. Thursday night she fell and broke her arm and fractured her hip. Say a little prayer! I went grocery shopping and if I had been fast enough with my camera I would have a picture of a woman walking in her long fur coat and hat. It was such a site to see in a very crowded Wal-Mart. I bought some kids hangers while there and when I got home I started hanging BG's (baby girl's) clothes up.

Sunday I woke up and planned to get up to go to church, but then I somehow ran behind - even though my clock automatically changed. So, I got up and cleaned the house and got ready to meet my friend Jennifer, who came in town, for lunch downtown. I had not seen Jennifer in almost 2 years - and I rarely get to see her because she and her husband live in Maryland. Jennifer and I are childhood friends (we have been friends since the age of 4 or 5) and she moved away to Ohio when we started high school. We walked around downtown - ate at Spanky's and then walked into the shops. The St. Patrick's Day characters were already out in rare form today. After shopping we stopped in City Market for ice cream.
Jennifer and I

Ran into Molly while downtown!

After our goodbye I headed to Babies-R-Us to set up BG's registry. I really had not thought about registering - well I had, but I kept pushing it in the back of my mind. As you recall I am nervous about having a shower and I continuously teetered with the idea. A couple of my friends are hosting one for BG and I in Atlanta in about a month. Invitations are going out soon and I needed to get a registry started. Well....Hudson's registry is still up as well. It never fell off. So, I had a small breakdown in Babies-R-Us today when they deleted his and replaced it with BG's information. The poor girl that was at the desk - she was amazing though, even when I burst into tears. Her name is Kayla and she would have had a 2 year old right about now - she was 5 months pregnant when her water broke and she lost her child. Could you imagine working in Babies-R-Us with that kind of past? I think this is only about the 3rd time I have been in the store since we registered for Hudson....

I quickly picked out a few things - which I will be editing tonight - and then left and headed home. My dad's friend Thomas had come in town from Germany and he wanted to see John and I and our new house. He brought us the cutest little yellow towel bath hoodie as well as the Steiff bear from my dad. The rest of the night I have spent putting up old posts I have been meaning to get online - oops :)


With Out My Punkin said...

I go for my GD test on Wed. I hope you pass the 3 hour one!

Toni C said...

Good luck, girl! 3 hours... ew! I'll be praying for a better score this time!

Holly said...

Hope you pass the 3 hr!

The lady must have been Heaven sent to you since she totally understood why you were upset! ((hug))

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