Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Woman's Work

If you do not watch American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance you are really missing out on moments like the ones posted below. I love both shows and I have watched them each season. The audition episodes where they make fun of people I do not like so much, but hearing and seeing the talent on the shows is incredible.

The meaning of the song This Woman's Work is incredible. I remember first hearing it when I purchased the Felicity soundtrack, but this version was sung by Kate Bush. You have to listen to the lyrics a few times, but the song was written as a man's narrative during childbirth as he waits...amazing how this song touched me so long ago and now it has so much more meaning than ever before.

Last night Michael Lynche sang the Maxwell version of This Woman's Work - wow and incredible. The song takes more meaning though when you realize that he himself recently became a father. He missed the birth of his daughter to seek out his American Idol dream and to try for a better future for his family.

Last spring season on So You Think You Can Dance Melissa and Ade performed a Tyce Diorio choreographed piece that he created with breast cancer as his inspiration. Absolutely amazing and breathtaking. Not a single dry eye...

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Jules said...

Seriously! Love me some Maxwell!!!

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