Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Training

Over the weekend John and I traveled to Florida for the Pittsburgh Pirates spring training game. We met up with his parents as well as Brad, Rebekah, and their crew. Friday we left (I was on time) and we headed to the hotel - picked up Brad from the airport on the way first. Got to the hotel and realized we were at the wrong one in the wrong city. We were about an hour away from ours - darn that GPS! When we finally arrived at the correct hotel we unloaded and then went to Chili's to eat dinner. Yum! I was on my way to the bathroom and this cheesecake went by me and it looked soooo good. I ordered one to go. Seriously, it was probably the best cheesecake I have ever eaten. To die for...

Saturday we woke up and went to Bradenton for the Pirates vs. Phillies spring training game. I love going to baseball games. The atmosphere is just so fun and alive at baseball games. John and I love going to any sporting event really. I don't know why we don't go to more Sand Gnat games here....the affiliate for the LA Dodgers. Anyways - it was great! I didn't know I was allowed to go until the day before because I was under the assumption that it was a "guys day at the game", but when John said there was a ticket for me I was quite happy! I did not know a single player on the field, but that is alright. I've never really followed the Pirates. John's dad is a huge fan and each year he says they are on a "building season" or something like that. Personally I am a born and raised Atlanta Braves fan - Tomahawk Chop! John did purchase a Pirates hat because it was themed for St. Patrick's Day and I wore it during the game because I like to be festive for sporting events. Had I known I was going to the game I would have worn something black and jacket was gold though...

Brad, Gavin, Tom, and John

The Parrot

McCutchen - his mom sang the anthem


The woman below had her own baseball terminology - "we need a homebase" - too funny; just in case you are wondering - she was saying the team needed a homerun. John and I giggled for quite sometime after her comment. She and her husband are Phillies fans and they went to Penn State - for some reason they were chanting it with a few fellow Penn Staters.

Sunday we drove home - and actually took our time. We stopped by the Hard Rock Casino for a couple of hours and I was asked by some men at the poker "not to have my baby at the table", so I took their money. They should not have made such a rude comment - it was their punishment! John and I stopped by Golden Corral to eat on the way home and then got back on the road to get back to Hunter! My mom stayed at our house for the weekend to babysit - which worked out nicely.

My parents recently (just this past Thursday) moved my Grandmother in at their house. Hunter and my Grandmother do not like each other, so it was best for my mom to house and dog sit. So far the transition seems to be going well with my Grandmother. I have not been there yet to check it all out, but I know it has to be a sad day for everyone. She is not in her right mind - Alzheimer's - and there is no way they could have kept on with her alone at her house, even if it was right across the street.

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Ruth said...

That sounds like a good weekend. Especially since you had such a good dog-sitter at home!

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