Friday, March 12, 2010


I have waited long enough to share this story with everyone. John probably would prefer if I did not, but it is too funny not to! Monday John wanted to start on the painting. He had been after me to pick out paint colors and such - so I did and he was now going to paint.

Paint supplies: $40

Showing your wife your "masterpiece" and finding out you painted it the wrong color: Priceless :)

We picked out a green color because of the palm tree theme. Most of the items in the bathroom are brown - so we wanted to pull out the green. Apparently John either a) had other ideas or b) was not listening. He bought paint supplies for the guest bathroom and our bathroom at the same time and got them confused. Poor thing...but we're going to make it work. We're adding some green stripes for a splash of color. We have to make it work, John said he was not repainting.

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Holly said...

Oh man can't believe he painted it the wrong color! lol It'll work out!

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