Thursday, March 4, 2010

House Guest

Wednesday my nephew had to be admitted into the hospital - he had an infected saliva gland. Sounds painful, right? So I went to the hospital to help with my niece Georgia should Hugh need serious help from Vicki. I sat around the hospital in the children's wing - did you know they make towel animals like those on a cruise? Well they do! Hugh got an elephant. I was going to take a picture of him having the IV inserted, but I didn't think that would help matters....

Later that after I went to pick up Emily from school and then took her to dance. She is dancing with the same teacher I grew up taking from - and also where I help teach currently. We later went to eat dinner at CiCi's Pizza and then to see Hugh at the hospital - taking him some Krispie Kreme donuts. Next she got a big treat that night and stayed over. She has been wanting to stay over for awhile now, actually since we first moved in, but there has not been a good time yet. She stayed over and of course had to sleep in the bed with me, therefore booting John into the guest room :) Thursday morning I took her to school and that's the end!

There were a few funny moments from the night - like when she laid her head in my lap and baby Henninger was constantly kicking her in the head; or when we were having "family time" watching American Idol. **If you remember from John's post about how we each have our separate couches** Hunter was on his couch, John in the recliner and Emily was laying her head in my lap on the big couch. Hunter just kept staring at her head in lap and grunting/growling a little bit as if he was saying, "get off my mama". John couldn't start laughing.

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