Monday, February 1, 2010


So, if you remember John and I lived with my parents while we were looking for a house - we were pregnant with Hudson during that time. We did not pick out anything for a nursery and we were going to use the crib my parents had and things like that. Once we got into our house we would then pick out all of his nursery items. It was a little sad and I do remember having one breakdown about not being able to pick out things for a nursery, but it was fine. It turned out to be that we would not have needed anything after all....

Now we are looking for things for a nursery and it is overwhelming. First of all I am taking a big leap of faith in even thinking about what to put in the nursery. It is a scary thought that I would have my complete nursery picture perfect to a tea for this little girl and then something were to happen like with Hudson. So the very fact that I am even looking for bedding is a huge deal. It is all my faith in God and knowing that He has His hands on my child that I can even continue on my journey to find the perfect decor. Next I will remind or inform some of you that I am semi-OCD, I have huge ideas, and I am a libra - a.k.a I cannot make decisions.

Saturday my mom and I went to a few baby stores locally - I say a few because we have about 3-4. I found the perfect bedding and furniture. The only issue was to convince John the next day when we took him to see it that he would love it. Sunday after church and lunch we headed to Punch and Judy where the "perfect" set of things were found. Yeah, we got there and I wasn't in love so much anymore. So, we headed off to one of the two fabric stores in town. Savannah can really stink when it comes to shopping sometimes. We picked out some designs - at one point I was sitting on the dirty floor with bolts of fabric surrounding me. My mom checked the measurements she needed and then decided that she would come pick it up tomorrow once she had the measurements from her patterns.

Sunday night John and I were driving home (we had stopped at our friends' house) and I mentioned that I was not sure if I was in love with that fabric either. I thought John wanted to hit something - not literally, but I could see the look of "we just did all of that for nothing" in his eyes. I see the look a lot when I change my mind - about everything. Then I told him, well maybe it was just the one design in the mix. I thought about the fabric choice all night.

Monday comes along and my mom comes up to work. She looks like she wants to cry and she doesn't want to tell me something. She had some fabric in a bag and was telling me about a blanket she was going to make. Next she told me that she didn't buy the fabric - she didn't think I was in love with it. I breathed a sign of relief and told her I wasn't and I had been fretting about it all night and day. She was relieved. I told her my plan that we could go to Atlanta on a specific date because I had a shower to go that weekend as well and we could go shop. She had the same plan!

SOOOO - we still do not have bedding, furniture - anything.....and that is ok with me.


Paige said...

That's okay girl- trust me wait until you are in LOVE and then take my advice and STOP looking! You will surely have doubts if you don't! I am sure that many of your indecisiveness comes from your fear- i went throught the same thing. it's like being pregnant is real- been there done that- but the thought of actually bringing home a baby?? well that's a different story! praying for your health, baby and your peace throughout the pregnancy!

Holly said...

That's alright! Hope you can find something you really love!

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