Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's my Birthday!!

So, I turned the big 28 today - not a big deal, at least I'm still in my twenties for a little longer! It was a fantastic birthday that included phone calls, e-mails, and facebook notes from friends, my parents coming to sing to me at work, and a fantastic dinner cooked by my wonderful husband. I came home from work to see John slaving away at the stove working on my birthday dinner. We celebrated our first event in our new house! After eating we enjoyed an ice cream cake - yum!!

It would been nice if Hudson had been here to wish his mom a happy birthday, but I am sure he was wishing me the best birthday wishes from above.

Hubby working hard!

Hunter was ready too!!

Yum!! Spaghetti!!

Ice cream cake!


Carly K. said...

Happy Birthday! I know Hudson is watching over you and wishng you the best. Glad you had a nice day.

Holly said...

Happy Birthday!!!! That's so nice of your hubby to make you dinner. I love ice cream cake! Especially from DQ. Hunter is so cute on the couch. :) I wish Hudson could've been there with you to celebrate your birthday. No doubt he was with you in spirit!

Miche said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Mine is next week and I'll be 27. Oh I just love October birthdays.

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