Sunday, September 27, 2009

Moved in!

Finally - we have moved into our house! After days of delays and irritation we are finally homeowners and living in our very own house. I cannot tell you how irate I was during the week of closing. John and I were set to close 3PM on Wednesday, September 16th - our 8 year dating anniversary. Well, 2:17PM that day we get a call stating that closing is pushed back. Of course we were a little upset - we have been waiting for this day since we signed our construction contract back in May. So you can imagine how angry I was on Thursday morning when John calls to tell me the bank needs our August bank statements. WHAT?!?!? Closing was supposed to be the day before and they are just now asking for this stuff? I called our realtor asking what was going on, he called the lender, then the lender called me and explained what was going on. I let him know that I was more than upset. There were some other factors in this whole event and I will post my letter to this bank after I take my time to compose it. None of the factors in the delays were our fault at all. Friday we had to rush to the attorneys office so that I could obtain power of attorney to sign the closing papers on Monday since John would be leaving for Kansas City for a week. Luckily the builder let us move in on Friday - lucky for the lender too because I would have made them move my stuff into our, as of Monday, September 21st we are officially home owners! I have been told that I need to post pictures - so here is a sneak peek of the kitchen and backyard for now =)

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Holly said...

Congrats on being homeowners!! Boooooo on all that other stuff. Banks and such can be so screwy.

Your house looks great!!! Looks like Hunter is settling in nicely!

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