Friday, July 17, 2009

Cruise - Day 7 (Nassau)

Our last stop before we head home - Nassau. John and I got off the boat pretty early and headed to the ferry to take us to Paradise Island. We wanted to see the Atlantis. After walking around for awhile we took the ferry back to our original location and we went to the straw market - yay! I bought a couple of purses and a wallet - Chanel and Coach and love them! One purse is for Sheena, my wonderful friend who is babysitting Hunter for the week. After the straw market we walked around the shopping area and bought a few of our traditional souvenirs - Christmas ornaments, magnets, etc.

John and I headed to the boat afterwards and started packing our things in preparation for the end of our trip. We had such a wonderful time this whole week on our vacation - if only we could have brought Hunter with us....

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