Saturday, May 2, 2009

Doggie Carnival

Today was the annual Doggie Carnival! Last year Hunter had an amazing time and it also helps out the local animal shelter. John and I try to do whatever we can to help out the shelter because we are avid animal lovers and the shelter is where we got Hunter from 7 years ago. The carnival has all kinds of events for dogs - a doggie derby, a photo session, doggie IQ test, the can paint with their paws, etc....all sorts of fun! Basically you pay for tickets and then you use your tickets to do all of the events. Hunter had his picture taken and then did a biscuit eating contest (basically he had to eat a treat) and he won a dog toy. We didn't compete in the derby this year because about a week ago Hunter did something to his back and I didn't want to make him hurt it again. Anyways, we had a fun time and are looking forward to going again next year!

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