Sunday, July 20, 2008

The test!

Today I came back from a "girl's weekend" that was at St. Simons Island. The week before the trip I had been exhausted and I thought it was due to lack of sleep during a vacation the week prior. During the weekend at St. Simons my stomach felt queasy; not its normal self. On Sunday afternoon I drove back home from the weekend trip and went to the mall to pick up a few last minute items before the week began. Once again I had a wave of nausea so I grabbed a Sprite, which made me feel a little better. When I got home I took a test - just to see. I really thought it would turn out negative, but the little plus sign "positive" came about. Was I really pregnant? It was around 6:30PM that I took the test and John was not going to be home until around 10PM. I paced the house for house until he got home. After he arrived I told him I had an early anniversary present for him and handed him a card which had the details that we were having a baby. He looked up and said, "really?!?". After that all he could say was "wow" and that I needed to take another test. So, we ventured to Kroger, bought another test, took it, and then the same result came - it was official.

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