Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kara's Bachelorette Party

This weekend John and I had separate bachelor and bachelorette parties - both in the Atlanta area. We drove up on Friday night and the weather was HORRIBLE! Yeah - we drove through a was crazy! We had to meet Colin and Kara on the way to drop off John so that he could ride with Colin and the boys to go play golf and do their "man stuff". My mom rode with me and the plan was to drop her off at my brother's house - we were staying there for the night.

Saturday after I woke up I went to have lunch with Lindsay and Ellyn - who I had not seen in awhile. Next I headed towards the bachelorette location! I went ahead and checked in the rooms and waited on the rest of the crew to arrive. Kristi did such a great job with all of the planning! That night we first went to Loca Luna to each - its a tapas bar with appetizers; so yummy! After dinner we got ready for the REAL entertainment. We went to take pole dancing lessons....yep we danced on poles. It was so much fun! We learned the "suicide" and the "BAM". After pole dancing we went back to the hotel and Kara opened all of her fun surprises - it was a great weekend!! The next morning I could barely lift my arm to brush my teeth I was so sore from the pole dancing....

Dinner - the group

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