Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Honeymoon - Day 4 "booze cruise"

Another early day for the Henningers! We went to feast upon the wonderful breakfast and then prepared for a day of fun and relaxation at the pool and swim up bar. Once again we participated in events to earn our sandals - as competitive as we are we HAD to have our sandals! We played pool volleyball and beach volleyball and swam all day. Later we had to get ready for our Party Boat cruise. This trip we would be taking with the three other couples we had met - it was such a fun time! We traveled in the vans to the same place we went to for our other boat adventure and got ready to party in the Caribbean.

While on the boat they played local music as well as some other fun songs that we will always remember - Tim Wilson's Booty Song and The Big Bamboo. While on our cruise we passed another boat that was full of free spirited souls that had a trampoline in their boat. Later during the cruise the same boat passed us and mooned us - as well as a few other things...

The strangest event did happen while we were on the cruise. John ended up talking to another couple that got married in our town on the same night as we did. They asked John were we got married and had our reception. Once he told him they said, "so you're the reason why we couldn't have our reception there." How crazy is that? They apparently tried to book at the same place, but we had ours booked almost a year in advance. Good thing we had a long engagement with plenty of time to get everything planned and booked!

After the cruise we went back to the resort and they had a poker night. John and I love to play poker and this one was all for charity - so whatever money we played with was donated, but we would win fake money and would be able to "buy" things at the auction afterwards. John and I played well at our table and we were able to buy a necklace and some sauces. We then went to bed - we were pooped!

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