Monday, July 23, 2007

Honeymoon - Day 2 "No Pressure, No Problem"

Our day began with an early waking up - around 8AM. We slept so soundly the night before; going to bed around 8:30PM. It felt great to catch up on the much needed sleep we lacked from the few days before. We had a phenomenal breakfast at around 9AM - which consisted of fresh fruits, fresh omelets, breads, pastries, anything we wanted. After breakfast, at 10AM, we headed to the "Tour of Sandals" which we missed the night before due to our exhaustion. During our tour we learned the saying of the island, "No Pressure, No Problem".

Once the tour was complete we headed to the pool and the pool bar for some drinks and sun. It was our first day in the sun so we lathered up with sunscreen. There were a few other couples that toured with us in the pool also, so we quickly made friends with fellow honeymooners (Lindsey and ?? from Virginia; Brent and Jamie from Greenville, SC; Rachel and Danny from Cincinnati, OH). We found out that some of them had booked excursions, so we went ahead and booked ours for the same time as our new friends.

The Sandals "Playmakers" went around at this time asking people is they wanted to sign up for a water balloon toss. All of us went to sign up. There were about 20 or so couples in the water balloon contest. While competing I fell on my face (straight into the sand) while hiking the balloon to John. We earned points towards our leather sandal necklaces. After the balloon adventure we remained in the group with Brent, Jamie, Rachel, and Danny. Around 2:30 the Playmakers came again to ask people to sign up for beach volleyball - all 6 of us signed up to play. We played 4 games - and then met a new friend Erik. Our team won and we earned more points toward our sandals! After playing we went back to the pool and bar to hang out some more. While in the pool we met up with Erik and met his wife Diana (from Las Vegas, NV) and they became apart of our group. After the pool time we planned to meet in the lobby to go to Armando's Italian restaurant for dinner.

The eight of us rode the shuttle to Armando's, but ended up splitting into two groups of four to eat. We ate with Erik and Diana and had such a great conversation with them. They were wonderful, and they were also getting married there at the resort. After dinner we all went back to the lobby and watched the performance going on by the locals - including dancers, fire shooters, and limboers. It was a fabulous performance. When the performance was over we headed up to the bar upstairs - the disco club. We all drank a little up there and then left around 1AM. When back in our room we fell asleep immediately.

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