Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of Year Recap

So this year has been, well it has been a year...full of highs and lows and so many new adventures. I thought I would go over what all went on in 2009.

- said hello and goodbye to our sweet Hudson after 30 weeks of pregnancy

- went to St. Simons Island to rejuvenate

- laid off from job at bank
- honored Hudson in the March of Dime 5K to kick off St. Patrick's Day
- went to Anaheim, CA

- first experience of Hudson not being counted in the family

- Hunter and I went to the annual doggie carnival
- first Mother's Day
- signed contract for our new house!!

- New Kids on the block concert
- 1st dance recital in 9 years
- Henninger family vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC

- Kirkland family vacation cruise
- celebrated 2 married years with John

- started our expensive venture of doctor visits...
- said goodbye to a hero - Matthew Freeman
- added a new brother-in-law to the family

- added a new niece to the family
- celebrated being together for 8 years!

- cheered for the first time in ages at the VSU homecoming game!
- balloon release for Hudson
- found out we were having baby #2

- first time seeing the little one!
- hosted Thanksgiving in our new house

- found a thickened nucheal fluid behind the baby's neck
- celebrated Christmas in our new home!

Whew! Just remember how much stuff I left out of there as well! This was a busy, heartbreaking, grieving, new, fun, full of tears and laughter year. As much as I would trade to have not gone through what we experienced I would not trade my path in life. I know that everything happened for a reason. I will say that I am on my knees praying that 2010 will be a much less of a heartbreaking year for us. I am not much on resolutions, but there are a few goals (which seems to be the "theme" for everyone - not making resolutions, but goals instead) that I would like to achieve and some character building things I would like to work on this year - and continue on into years to come.

1. I want to become a better Christian woman. My walk with God was truly tested this year and I hope to learn more and do more for Him in my daily life. I know that this year, without Him, I would not be where I am today. This includes tithing on a more regular basis and giving more time and energy to quiet time.

2. Being less selfish. I am not a selfish person by nature, but this year I know I have been more focused on myself than others. I know it's natural and it had to happen in order for me to get my life back together, but it's not a person I want to be. So I plan to call more, write more, e-mail more - and ask questions more. Listen more and be there more. I also want to commit to more random acts of kindness to strangers as well as people I know.

3. Continue striving for a healthy me. I want to continue to eat right and exercise and after the baby is born get right back on track to losing the weight I was working on! I hope to train for a 1/2 marathon and marathon to run in the future.

4. Become less of a hoarder. I vow to throw at all the useless junk I have. I mean doesn't everyone have their eraser collection from elementary school? John - I hope you are reading this! Now I have given you a timeline of when I will through it all out :)

5. Lastly I want to strive to fix my hair at least 4 times a week - ha!

I hope that you each have a wonderful new year and that you are blessed beyond measure today, this year, next year, and the years to come!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch

Today I had lunch with some of my favorite lunch buddies - April, Holly, & Lyndsey. Well, technically April was not when us - ahem, but she did grace us with her presence later in the lunchtime. Last week we had a little gift exchange and this week we took a present to our favorite waitress at the Upper Crust. Such a yummy place to eat! I worked there when I was in high school for about a year. The four of us were all pregnant together last year, all had babies, and all workED at the bank. Yours truly was laid off, Lyndsey for similar reason, and April has recently given her notice to join bigger forces - a.k.a Jumpin' Jacks at Jackson Court. Holly is the lone soldier still workin' at the bank. All of us gals went to high school together. Lyndsey and I grew up with our houses back to back.
"April" & Lyndsey

April, Lyndsey, me, & Holly

*If you notice - April's stocking is empty because she canceled on us*

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Tonight was bowling - when I go bowling or think about bowling my mind breaks into the song from Grease 2 - "we're gonna boooooowwwwllll tonight - we're gonna rock, we're gonna roll..." Usually I break into song and John just gives me the "you are my crazy wife" look. I get those a lot. I ave started taking my camera with me everywhere again. Why I stopped in the first place I have no idea. Well, I have an idea - it was to much of a bother to think about anything else besides my constant worrying. Now that my leaf has turned and I am no longer a worrier I can remember to take my camera. It had gotten so bad - I haven't taken pictures in forever. I did not take a single picture at Thanksgiving in which we hosted. I didn't take pictures of the place settings, the Thanksgiving Tree I made - anything...nothing, zilch, nada. All because I was too concentrated on my worry. So a lesson you, if you let it worry will consume your life and you forget to do the things that make you happy. For me that would be taking pictures, sending cards for all occasions....and I have not done either of those. I am just NOW getting our Christmas cards out. Seriously? That is not like me at all. Oh well, it will be ok.

Back to the story at hand. We went bowling last night with our small group and had a great time. It's a new place called Frames and Games and it was so nice. They have bowling, billiards, arcade games, laser tag.....there was a birthday party going on as well. Great place for families to go! We were supposed to go last Tuesday after dinner at Cheddars, but rescheduled for this week instead. Here are some pictures!

Christy & Ryan

Bonnie & Alan
The Henninger Fam

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Forgot to post

I just remembered I never posted the pictures of Hudson's grave marker...

These are from the Fall.

Where my grandfather is buried - and where my grandmother will be

My great-aunt

Where my parents has chosen to lay....kind of freaky, huh?

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I forgot to let you know there are still fun things going on in my life :) I am not just a ball of doom over here! Tuesday we went out to dinner with our small group. The Sunday before we all went to the church Christmas play and it was excellent! After the play we went to eat and John and I laughed harder and more than we have in a LONG time. It was such a great time.

At this past dinner we had planned on going bowling afterwards, but our bellys were full and our eyelids were heavy. We are saving the bowling for next week. Below is a picture of us and our group!

This weekend I also got to visit with a friend that I have not seen in a very long time. We went to high school together and then to Valdosta together. She and I lived together for a little while we were in Valdosta. Shannon is now married with two beautiful little girls and lives in New Hampshire. Picture is below - got to love the Will Ferrell face in the background :)
Small group

Shannon and I

One step forward and Two steps back...

When will there be a day that I can hold my head above water? I would just like a full 24 hours where something is in my favor. What a great time for me to try and not worry about all of this - which logically I should not worry about anything because everything is out of my control, right? Then again according to multiple people I am a nutcase. I would like to add I am a proud nutcase - ha!

Yesterday I had three separate conversations with Judy at Dr. Helmken's office. The first was to let her know that Tuesday was the day I had my HCG injections, therefore the test would probably be skewed. Judy said that from everything she saw and heard that my ultrasounds looked great! The second conversation was to let me know that indeed HCG would be measured in the blood test so at least when we get the results back we will know why the level is so high. Judy also let me know that she wanted to give the specialist a call to see exactly what their findings were in that ultrasound versus what has been found now. I told her go ahead.

On my way home from work last night I got a call from Judy stating she spoke to Ashley the genetics counselor (aka Negative Nancy). Judy told her about the new findings and Ashley told her that it didn't matter, that because it was there in the first place that means something could be wrong. Judy explained to her that John and I needed a little wiggle room in making our decisions - given the fact of everything we have already experienced. I am sure they talked about how crazy I am and how I thought I knew everything and how I just won't listen and blah blah, but at least by me educating myself I am not taking the one solution given and I am finding ways to go about the same tests in ways that I am more comfortable in doing.

So - this is the new plan and this is what I am sticking with for at least the next six weeks. I will have my next OB appointment on January 11th. I have cancelled the specialist appointment that was scheduled for the 13th. Instead I will have an anatomy scan (or whatever it is called) at 18 weeks on the 26th. At THIS appointment I will THEN decide on the amniocentesis. WHEN I see that there is a healthy baby with nothing to be concerned about I will not elect to have the procedure. If there is anything that is alarming and shows there is something for concern then I will have the procedure. If that little genetics counselor had listened to me in the first place then this is what the schedule would have been already. Sometimes I wonder if these people really ever listen, or care to listen, to their patients. Luckily I will not take only one solution and I will firmly make sure I get my way - especially when involving my child.

In the mean time I still ask for prayers for our baby. My plan is to not worry about anything. No more freak out visits to the hospital, no more googling things like "flat face ultrasounds", no more googling in general, no more worrying. I am going to just sit back, pray, pray, pray, and let what is not in my control be handled by God. Like I said before - there really isn't a point to worrying. What good would it do? It certainly does not help. Maybe this will relax me and I can change my psychotic reputation I am sure I now have at the doctor's office.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12 Week Appointment

There is never a dull moment at the doctor's office visit when I am the patient. Today John and I had our 12 week appointment. This was our first official visit back to Dr. Helmken's office since we have been in the care of Dr. Odom. I say first official because I went there on Friday just for a reassurement visit. At that time they performed an ultrasound and I had mentioned to the technician about the fluid (Nuchal Translucency) and she told me that a 3.5mm fold would show up like a red flag on her ultrasound screen. She said that she does not perform the tests, but if it was something that big it would show up. The heartbeat that day was 174.

Back to today's visit. We started with all the basic things at a check-up; including being weighed, something I never had to do at Dr. Odom's office, but everything looked great. We actually saw a nurse practitioner - Judy. Next we went into the room where they brought out the doppler. We listened and listened and listened - it felt like an hour, but really it did take a long time to find the heartbeat - which is due to my inverted (tilted) uterus. The heart rate was 166bpm. Next we started going over all of the medicines and the exam and all of that; then she mentioned if we had given thought to the genetic screenings. I took a deep breath and told her everything that had been going on the past 2 weeks. I handed her the letter we were sent from the genetics counselor and I told her everything that was spoken and how we didn't know what we were going to do and all of that stuff.

I am assuming she is a fan of the amniocentesis, but she did not try to sway me in either direction. After continuing the conversation I finally told her how I just didn't see any reason why I should have the amniocentesis. That I didn't feel like anything was going to be wrong and that according to the ultrasound on Friday everything looked like it was fine. That is when her eyes lit up. I went on to tell her what Noelle had said. She asked if we wanted to have the screening done (the scan by way of ultrasound and by taking blood from me) and we said yes. She made some phone calls (in which one I thought she was angry with Noelle, but she assured me she was not) and then we were taken to the ultrasound room.

When Cindi was taking the measurements I asked what it was measuring at - it was 1.77mm!! Isn't that just great! This fully confirms the power of prayer (that we still need!!)!! We still have to wait for the blood results - which still do not give a yes or no answer, but to me it gives me either (1)-more validation that I will not have/need the amnio or (2)-that something could be wrong. It gives you results like you are 1 out of 50 to have a chromosomal abnormality or 1 in 10,000. Either way it will help in are future decisions on the types of the procedures we will take on. At this point in the day is when I was called a nutcase, but for good reason. The whole conversation was in good humor and John quite enjoyed having someone on his side :) I will say that by being a nutcase I get things done :) Our next appointment will be 1/11 - so an update will come then!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


One day I will have an upbeat post - I promise :) Wednesday John and I got a letter in the mail that was a copy of what was also sent to our specialist Dr. Odom. It was a recap from the genetics counselor at our special ultrasound. It had all the stats and all the findings and whatnot. In the letter it stated that John and I had made an appoint for amniocentesis at 16 weeks. When I read that it disturbed me - a lot. I knew we made an appointment, but we were to decide at that appointment after the ultrasound if we were going to have amniocentesis. I remember specifically telling her that we if the fluid had gone away (which we knew it would be by then) that we would elect not to have the amnio. When I told her that I do recall her saying that there could still be problems even if the fluid had gone away. That was the end of that part of the conversation. I thought she knew what we had wanted, but apparently not.

I called the genetics counselor on Thursday to make sure that the appointment was for the ultrasound and not just amnio. From the conversation we had prior she took out that we were going to decide between now and then if we would elect to have the amnio. I told her I didn't think it was necessary if the fluid had gone away. Miss negativity had to once again say, well there could still be a problem. I feel, and have felt this whole time, as if she is pressuring for the amnio. The thing about me is when I feel like someone is pressuring me to do something that I am on the fence about I will turn and do the complete opposite. I like to be in control of my decisions and not feel pushed or bullied to do things someone else's way. I told her I was not going to be pushed into something I wasn't comfortable with and I felt that she was pushing me. She asked what I expected to get out of the ultrasound - as in what would make or break the decision about the amnio. I told her - as I had already told her and she then said, well, if you aren't going to have the amnio at this appointment the ultrasound is pointless. The baby will be too small and the doctors will not be able to see what they need to see. What?!? Where was this little tidbit of information in the initial appointment? She then said we would need to reschedule for an 18 week ultrasound for the doctors to see what they needed to see.

What I really do not understand is why is she so pushy for the amnio - knowing I am clearly uncomfortable with it. Why wouldn't she have other options for couples? I remember looking at her office - noticing only one photo of her and I am assuming her husband. No pictures of children - so I am assuming she does not have children. From that assumption I would have to say that she apparently has never been faced with the difficult choice of endangering the life she is carrying within her. It must be easy to sit and push an invasive procedure when you do not have to face or worry about the consequences. For me I know that I am already a statistic - I am 1 in 115 in having a stillbirth child. Knowing that I fit into one statistic how could I not assume I wouldn't fall into the 1 in 400 for miscarriage after amnio?

Ever since that conversation I have been feeling really down - actually most of this past week I have felt down. I have felt defeated. I know I have not been defeated and I fully believe that everything is going to be just fine with our little one...then again it's so easy to say that, but when you have lived the fear that so many pregnant women have it is that much harder to live without the fear. Friday I started having that pit in my stomach fear again - that something was wrong. I had been feeling sick (my throat was so closed up and on fire) and I stayed home from work that day, but the fretting was getting me no where. Without taking a shower I rushed to the doctor's office (this time my regular OB's office which I refer to as the "black hole" because I sometimes feel like that is what I am being sucked into - ever since the news about Hudson) to get checked out. I just needed a doppler. I got to the receptionist and started babbling my story - those of you that know me personally know how fast I can talk and how and choked up I can get when I am upset. I got the story out and then she asked my name. I could not even say it - I just handed her my license. Who can't say their own name? She was so sweet and told me to wait for a moment and they would see me in the ultrasound room. I sat and waited - realizing I was alone; just like the last time when I heard the news about Hudson. I started praying - first that I would be going into a different ultrasound room and second that this was one of the 10% of the times that my intuition was wrong.

It was ultrasound time, and there it was, a little heartbeat beating 174bpm. I started sobbing. The lady was so sweet and understanding. I also mentioned to her about the fluid and how last week it measured at 3.5mm and she said she didn't do the screening, but a NT that big would show up like a bright light on her screen and she didn't see anything. What a blessing! We are still needing prayers that the fluid goes away - and that this baby is perfectly healthy, but isn't that such a statement to the power of prayer? After the ultrasound I went into a different room to talk to one of the NP's and she was great. My faith has been restored in this office (although I never lost faith in my actual OB - I adore her), but the past 3 visits before had not been pleasant. This time there was compassion and true concern for me and me needing reassurance. At least they know I am going to be a needy patient :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where's the medium?

The other night I was reading in the Bible and I had been searching and searching for a particular passage. I remembered the passage and then went to look it up and went to the wrong book of the Bible. I ended up going to Proverbs 17. I read it (thinking this sounds nothing like what I was looking for) and when I got verse 5 I stopped and starting thinking how the world is today. The verse reads:

Whoever mistreats the poor insults their Maker; whoever enjoys someone's trouble will be punished. Proverbs 17:5

I instantly started thinking about how we are in the world today - as humans. We love to watch in the media as celebrities face terrible times in their lives. Most recently - Tiger Woods. I do not think that what he did is excusable by any means - I will never condone cheating. What I don't understand is why - why do we have to celebrate and poke fun at the misfortune and mistakes of others? Why is everything from then on out about the mistake the person made? From the opposite spectrum we as humans also poke fun of those out there doing good deeds. Example - Tim Tebow. What a fine example of a young, Christian man - he sets a living example of how God's children should be and how we should treat others. Yet, he is ridiculed for having values and morals. He was made fun of for crying at his last college football game.

I should have written this post last night because John and I had a great conversation about the whole topic - which originally started because of what we are studying in our small group. Right now we are studying the Fruits of the Spirit. Faithfulness is what we are discussing in particular. Last night the discussion was on forgiveness with faithfulness. The reading was of Hosea (particularly Hosea 2:19-3:5). Hosea was called to buy his wife back; she was living with another man, cheating on him with everyone and anyone. He was told to buy her and forgive her, just like God forgave Israel. From there we started talking about the whole Tiger Woods saga and that's where the stuff from above came from.

I just thought it was interesting how there is no medium - we ridicule people for doing bad and we ridicule them for doing good - where is the medium?

Saturday, December 5, 2009


The more research I do on non-septated cystic hygromas the better I feel. I have already felt confident in knowing that this fluid is going to dissolve on its own, but I still wanted to know more about what we could be looking at possibly. In order to be prepared emotionally I need to know everything and be prepared for all that is possible. I have found studies that show 98% of non-septated cystic hygromas go away on their own without and complications! Isn't that wonderful?

After reading all of the information I kept thinking about something the specialist said to me. He said that some people would have already elected to terminate their pregnancies if something like this was found. What? Why? I was stunned. Terminating a pregnancy never even popped into my mind. Well, it did when I was preparing myself for questions I could possibly be asked in the "worst case scenario" event - had it happened. My firm answer,no matter how bad the diagnosis, would have been no - I would never terminate. I couldn't. I would feel guilty for the rest of my life. How could I take this healthy* baby's life away without even giving it a chance? How could I not even give God the chance to work His miracle? How could I play God?

The whole conversation keeps playing in my head - what the doctor said. I read blogs of women that carry their children knowing that they have been given an incompatible with life diagnosis. These women should be admired for their strength and faithfulness. They knew in the end there might be a chance they would see their living baby and those 2 minutes, 16 minutes, 7 hours that they were able to spend with their babies were more cherished than anything. I know I would have given anything to see the rise and fall of Hudson's little chest.

John and I were talking about the upcoming appointments and I told him I do not feel comfortable with having the amnio done at all. We agreed that as a last result , if this fluid does not go away we will have the amnio. The only reason being that we would want to be prepared in having the proper medical support in the delivery room. If the fluid does go away I am sure that anything else we need to know would be seen in the fetal echo cardiogram.

*I say healthy because that is what our doctor sees - and all he has seen - a growing healthy baby.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Hubby

Each morning I check three things on the internet - e-mail, online banking, and facebook. This morning I opened my facebook to find a beautiful message that my wonderful husband posted on both my wall for all the see as well as a message. I wanted to share it with all of you. It's actually kind of ironic. You see the whole time I thought that besides getting strength from God I was getting strength from my dear sweet husband. He is so uplifting and positive. When I am down or feeling negative about something he is right there to bring me right back up. He has all the confidence in the world about everything that is going on right now - and confidence is what I desperately need. In the message he wrote he was getting his strength from me. Amazing how that works and how we can continue to lift each other up as we face whatever comes our way. I, like John, thank God everyday for giving me John as my husband and soulmate. Yet again another way that I have been so overly blessed in my life.

Message from John below:

"Hey honey I just got home and saw that you were sleeping so snug in the bed. So as usual to wind down I got on the computer to check my email and see what went on today in the world of facebook and I also like keeping up to date with your blog so I checked it out tonight, this morning, whatever :)....and so as I am reading your most recent posts I cant help but wonder how I ever managed to find you. You never cease to amaze me with your strength, courage, faith, and love for everything, no matter the situation. As I continue reading and reminiscing (sp) about the ups and downs we have had over the past few years, I cant help but to thank god everyday that he led me to you. Though we have had some misfortune in our lives recently, I look to you for reassurance that everything is alright. Your faith and positivity really is truly inspiring for me, as well as others. I am sorry to write a book on your wall, but as I read your blog posts, it really hit me....I am truly the luckiest person in the world to get to share my life with you. I honestly believe that whatever obstacle is put in our path, is never too big to overcome. Simply put, I love you and cherish every moment spent with you. I am so proud of you for your strength, love and courage. I am so happy to call you my wife. I love you dearly!!! Your hubby!"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Walking With You - Christmas

Walking With You was created by Kelly of Sufficient Grace Ministries to help support those who have lost a child. Together we share our stories, helpful information, scriptures, encouraging words, prayer requests, and more. To join in on Walking With You please visit Kelly's blog.
If you are missing someone you love this Christmas, someone of ANY age who is spending Christmas with Jesus this year, join us on this very special Walking With You. We are sharing our Christmas memories and the ways that we remember our loved ones who have gone home to Heaven at Christmas time.
Christmas tree - check
Nativity Scene - check
Stockings - check
Gifts under the tree - slowly!
A toddler getting into the tree - missing....

Last year I prepared for Hudson to be here this Christmas. I bought a ceramic plate and mug set for Santa's cookies and milk; ornaments for the tree in his many things for our little one. I imagined what it would be like to be able to buy gifts for our child and how he would be during Christmas - I couldn't wait to see his eyes light up and stare at the Christmas tree lights. I purchased the "Elf on a Shelf" to start a new family Christmas many plans that have been postponed and that I must save for our next child. Who knew that 21 days after Christmas I would be giving birth to my son who had already gone to Heaven.

I remember on my list of "wants" for Christmas one thing in particular was the "Parents-to-be" ornament from Hallmark. I just HAD to have it. I absolutely LOVE ornaments; the stories they tell; and the memories that unfold as you put each one onto the tree. John was so sorry, but he wasn't able to find the ornament anywhere - you know how fast they sell out! Well, what a surprise when I opened up my stocking from my parents and there was the ornament! It was a document - stating that we were about to become parents.

We decorated our tree last night (on a side note - while everyone else in Savannah was running from the storms and tornadoes we were out buying a tree) and I came to the coveted ornament. I didn't know what to do - put it on the tree? put it in Hudson's chest? Hudson made us a mom and dad, but we won't be parents until 2010. I decided on putting the ornament up because it is part of my story. It is part of the timeline that goes along with my tree. John and I are still looking for the "perfect" Hudson ornament for this year and we will find it - we just haven't found one that sticks out.

Christmas is definitely a time when I miss Hudson the most. I love everything about Christmas - the story of Jesus, the trees, decorating, the music - everything! I wanted to be able to share this love and pass it along to our little one - it just looks as though I will have to wait one more to do that....


There are so many mixed emotions that float through my head daily - half the time the thought comes and goes before I have a chance to write about it. Then the though comes back and the cycle continues. Throughout this entire pregnancy I have felt so guilty about not being attached to baby #2. If you have not been through a similar experience I am sure you are completely shocked that one could not be attached to a baby. If all you know and associate being pregnant with is heartbreak and loss then it makes sense. It is normal to distance yourself to something that can at times be so uncertain. All that has happened the past few days with finding out that something could possibly be wrong with this baby made me realize that I would of course be devastated if something were to happen to this baby too. Of course I already knew that and I knew that getting pregnant a second time would be full of fear and mainly faith that God would lead me through the shadows of fear.

It is crazy to think that I would have to worry about something going wrong. We found the reasons from losing Hudson - so we should be set right? I am taking injection after injection and pill after pill to ensure that my body can properly nurture and care for this baby. That should be enough, right? Well, it's not. Now it has nothing to do with me and it's something with the baby. Something that no one but God has control over. Something that we must pray for everyday that it will go away and not harm my healthy baby. How does any of this seem fair? Does it make sense to you? I will be honest and tell you when we heard the news my first question and statement was in my head to God - "God, are you serious? Why me again? Haven't I proved how strong I am in having faith in you? Why does Satan continue to fight to lead me to his side? Doesn't he know by now I'm never going to stop having faith?" I think if we don't admit that we do ask God why then we aren't being honest with ourselves and others that we are ministering to. Of course we ask why. We just also know that the "whys" will be shown to us in His time.

At times I look at my own life - everything that has happened in the past 2 years and I think wow, look at everything John and I have been through together. Look at how our faith and our relationship with God has advanced. It is amazing that even though we have faced so many trials we still realize how overly blessed we truly are.

It is hard to think about something going wrong with this baby. Sometimes I wonder if I am more scared of losing this baby because I have been there and I know what it feels like already. I know what the heartache feels like and I am scared to face it again. Would I be mourning a child(ren) or the fact that I can't do what everyone else seems to be able to do without a hitch? I guess it would be all of the above - there is so much emotion that is involved in the whole subject matter. So many other factors that have contributed to my grief. This whole year has felt like a blur - like my life has stood still while everyone else continues about their business without fears.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Ok, so we have not a lot, but a lot of information. We had our specialist ultrasound today and there is definitely a fluid of some sort behind the neck area. This could be a non-septated cystic hygroma or it could be fluid from the amniotic sac. There is no way to tell for certain what is going on inside. The non-septated cystic hygroma is better than a septated - which would mean there would be many blockages and walls along the fluid build up. So that is a positive! The fluid measured at 3.5mm thick and anything above 2mm is when they see a red flag. The great new is that the fluid build up measured smaller today than yesterday. Already the power of prayer is working! There are three possibilities we have to sit and wait for - 1)that this is nothing and it goes away on its own 2) this could indicate a chromosomal abnormality 3)this could indicate a heart defect.

We will return to this same specialist at 16 weeks and then, if I elect to, we will also have amniocentesis. I would prefer not to have the amnio, so I am praying this will disperse by the power of God. Dr. Odom sounds very positive about everything and he knows that he sees a healthy baby and has vowed to do everything humanly possible to help our little one. At 22-24 weeks we will visit a doctor to do an ecocardiogram on the baby to check for any heart defects. As far as the chromosomal abnormalities there are a few different instances here. If it is a boy we can rule out Turner's syndrome; we will have to consider Trisomy 21 and lastly Trisomy 13 & 18 which I had read (and viewed from other blogger friends) have been given many incompatible with life prognosis'.

I know that none of this will happen because I have full faith in God and that He is watching our baby and this fluid will go away. Who knows, maybe the little "halo" is just Hudson holding and watching over his brother or sister. Please continue to pray as we sit and wait for this fluid to do what it is going to do. Please pray that the fluid will go away and that our baby will be a healthy little one ready to face the world. I know it is a cop-out to say that we have already been through so much when I know there are so many others that have been through so much more - I would love my happy ending with this little one. I know that the power is prayer is so strong and God can do anything. Please pray for Baby H - please add him/her to your prayer lists, groups, tell others to pray. I will be sure to update when we hear new information - it may be a few weeks when I can update on this particular situation, but we will be having more doctor visits before then!!

I will say that I am TRULY amazed at one big thing that happened today. Anytime (starting right when I got up) I started having a negative thought a hymn or praise song would loudly pop into my head. It was AMAZING! I could feel the power and presence of God and all that have been praying for us and our baby. What an experience....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Prayer Warriors!!

Update for week 10! We went to the doctor today for our 10 week ultrasound and check-up. The baby measured at 10w6d and had a heartbeat of 172 - both very healthy and lookd great! We have another active little one and he/she was moving around so much it took the doctor awhile to capture the heartbeat. The baby, yolk sac, placenta, cord - everything looks very healthy, normal, and great!

We are having to visit a perinatal specialist tomorrow for a second opinion of something Dr. Odom saw on the ultrasound. In the brain area he saw a little "halo" type shape where the brain was forming and thinks it might be a cystic hygroma. This is were fluid is trapped in the neck and cannot get out and causes lumps to form. The spinal area looked great, but it was just the halo around the brain that he is concerned about from the ultrasounds. There are a few different things that can happen here (coming from the Dr.). This can go away by itself or it could be a chromosomal dysfunction. A typical abnormality is Turner's syndrome. Tomorrow at 2PM we will find out and go from there with our options. So I ask each of you now to please get on your hands and knees and pray for this little one. We don't know for sure if something is wrong, but we still need to pray. Tell your friends, family, anyone to pray....

If you read this blog and have been through this please tell me what your outcome, options - everything....I want to be "in the know". Also - please post something on your blog to add more prayer warriors for our baby.
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